Binary Options Robots

If you want to give binary options robots a try, there is one obvious choice which robot you should use: It’s the Binary Options Robot, your autopilot to binary options success.

In contrast to all other binary options robots, Binary Options Robot is completely free and offers first class performance – a combination no other broker can match. You can read our full review here, which will also direct you the Binary Options Robot’s website where you can get a tour of their service:

Binary Options Robots

Now that we have the most important thing out of the way, let’s take a look at binary options robots in general. This article will answer all the questions you have regarding binary options robots. We will then take a closer look at BinaryOptionRobot, and how you can benefit from it in your career as a binary trader.

What binary options robots can do for you

To win a binary option, you have to predict what the market will do in the near future. With expiry times from 30 seconds to a few hours, binary options deal on too short time frames to allow fundamental factors such as a companies earnings or a countries GDP development to affect the outcome. Therefore, you need to use technical analysis to predict what the market will do next.

A robot can translate your entire technical analysis and investment process into an automated routine that is executes completely without you having to do anything. With a robot, you can literally make money in your sleep.

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In many ways, outsourcing your trading process to a robot is not even a sign of laziness. Technical analysis generally aims at eliminating all human elements in the trading process. Instead of relying on emotions, hunches, and feelings, and instead of making mistakes, a perfect technical analyst work like a machine, analyzing the market according to strict predefined rules, executing every decision that these rules dictate by the book, never making any personal judgment, not even allowing longer winning or losing streaks to influence his mind set.

From this description, you probably already noticed the logical conclusion: If a perfect trader should work like a machine, you might as well let a machine do the trading. All it takes is to translate the strict rules a trading strategy provides into a program that executes these rules, thereby eliminating the trader and all human aspects from the trading process and executing technical analysis in the purest form possible. A robot does exactly that for you.

Robots analyze the market, find profitable trading opportunities, and invest in these opportunities. While you can influence this process, you can also choose to leave it alone for months.

To get a robot, you have two choices:

  • You can create your own robot, or
  • You can buy a robot.

For most of us, who lack the necessary computer knowledge to create their own programs, the second options is the superior choice. To find the right robot for you, take a look at our test and reviews. We have evaluated all of the most important robot providers and recommend the best for you.

Why use a robot?

The most difficult challenge of trading binary options is a hidden one: it’s consistency. To become a successful binary options trader, you need to be able to execute the same strategy over a long period of time. Once you have found a system that works for you, there is no good reason to ever change this system – not in months, not in years, and not over the time of your entire trading career.

For new traders, this presents an enormous challenge. Not only do they have to find a system that works for them, they also have to stick with it, ignoring all the tempting promised that they are bombarded with. For someone who has little experience and limited knowledge, this difficult task leads many new traders to dabble from strategy to strategy, losing some money here and some money there. Before traders mature enough to trade successfully, it can sometimes take years.

Robots are your short cut to avoiding the entire painful learning process. Instead of having to spend years to master technical analysis, all the while enduring constant failure and disappointment, you can immediately start to use a profitable system.

In exchange for saving you a lot of heart ache, robot providers ask less money than you would have lost with rookie mistakes during your learning period anyway. Binary Options Robot even offers their service for free. With such good reasons to use a robot, it is easy to understand why so many traders consider robots to be the backbone of their financial strategy.

Of course, using binary options robots means placing your financial future in the hands of someone else. Robots are complex programs of at least 100,000 lines of code, and almost no trader knows 100 percent what their robot is doing.

Nonetheless, especially new traders can do a lot better by using a robot. Weirdly enough, many new trader place more trust in their own complete lack of knowledge and experience than in a proven system that has created positive results for years. Most of these traders could do better by avoiding such a self-serving bias and by using a robot.

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Try the only 100% free robot on the market - BinaryOptionRobot.

How to use the number one binary options robot

If you decide that a robot is right for you, then it is reassuringly easy to choose which one to use. The fact is that in this marketplace there is an established leader that is the only option worth considering. That is BinaryOptionRobot. In order to sign up with this robot, you simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the BinaryOptionRobot website
  2. Register as a member by filling in your contact information in an online form
  3. You will now be requested to pick a binary broker from a list
  4. Next, you will be automatically forwarded to the site of the chosen broker
  5. Open an account by following the applicable procedures
  6. Make an initial deposit with your new binary broker
  7. Trade using BinaryOptionRobot

It is important to point out that you use this robot without incurring any extra charges. The broker that you opened an account with, via BinaryOptionRobot, will pay for you to use it. This is an excellent deal.

Please note that you will not be able to use this robot with your existing brokerage account. You will have to open an account with one of the brokers that cooperate with BinaryOptionRobot by going through the robot’s website.

Keep in mind that you will be able to receive any applicable broker bonus when you make your initial deposit, also if you open your account via BinaryOptionRobot. This only applies if you have never previously been a member with the binary broker in question.

How to trade using BinaryOptionRobot

It is very easy to use this excellent binary robot. You simply log into your account and specify how much you would like the system to invest on your behalf per trade. That’s all you actually need to do. The robot takes care of the rest.

This means that you simply let BinaryOptionRobot execute the binary signals its software generates automatically via your broker account. When a trade is successful, the profits will be paid into your account automatically. BinaryOptionRobot has a success rate of more than 70%, so there can be a good profit to be had here.

Just make sure you visit your broker account to check your progress now and then. Depending on how big your balance grows, you might want to increase the size of the amount you trade with. Of course, if the robot has gone through a losing streak, you might want to decrease the investment sum.

Binary Options Robots
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