Binary Option Robot – Review

Binary Option Robot - ReviewBinary Option Robot uses a genius new pricing model: For you, Binary Option Robot is completely free. Your binary options broker will pay your registration fee.

The complete Binary Option Robot review

Let experts trade for you

When you start trading binary options, you have to spend years to become an expert trader. Luckily, Binary Option Robot offers you a shortcut: With Binary Option Robot, you can let an expert trader do the trading for you. The expert will analyze the market, search for good trading opportunities, and invest accordingly. This process can save you years of making mistakes yourself while trying to learn technical analysis.

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Try the only 100% free robot on the market - BinaryOptionRobot.

Binary Option Robot even allows you to look into the experts’ minds. Binary Option Robot’s expert publish frequent reports about what they see in the market and how they plan on making you money. Additionally, Binary Option Robot publishes every single investment their expert traders have made in the past. You can see when they invested in what, and if this trade resulted in a win, a loss, or a draw.

By combining past market reports and trading results, you can immediately see whether what the expert traders do is working or not. This level of transparency is unmatched and allows you to make a more educated decision on whether Binary Option Robot is the right robot for you than with any of its competitors.

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11 currency pairs to invest in

Binary Option Robot can trade 11 currency pairs, such as the EUR/USD, the AUD/CHF, or the GBP/JPY.

All in all, Binary Option Robot uses a good selection of assets. It is specific enough to allow expert traders become specialist at every single asset, but also wide enough to offer good trading opportunities in any market environment.

Control the details for your trading

Binary Option Robot allows you to determine how much money you want to invest per trade and how many investments you want to make per day. Additionally, you can choose which assets to invest in and which not. When you feel that an asset might not be a good investment currently, simply exclude it from the list.

With some new features coming along soon, you can and even set a stop-loss that cancels trading for the day after a certain amount of losing trades. These options give you the control you need to manage what is happening with your money while leaving the dirty work of trading – analyzing the market and finding trading opportunities – to someone else.


Binary Option Robot’s pricing is the best thing binary options trading has ever seen: For you, it’s free. Your broker will pay the cost for you. That leaves you free to invest all you money where you really need – in your trading account.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that Binary Option Robot’s service must be worse because it is free. When you register with your broker, Binary Option Robot will get a bonus for delivering a customer to this broker. That is how you pay them indirectly. A genius system, and a win-win for you and Binary Option Robot.

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Try the only 100% free robot on the market - BinaryOptionRobot.


Opening an account with Binary Option Robot is quick and easy. All you have to do is fill out a form with very basic information. Now, Binary Option Robot will offer you a choice of brokers you can open an account with. You should stick with these brokers, as these are the brokers Binary Option Robot works well with. Simply open an account with your broker of choice, and deposit some money into your account. Now you are ready to start trading.

Binary Option Robot’s set-up is one of the big advantages of the robot. You can do it within minutes, and you do not even need to pay money for Binary Option Robot. The only small disadvantage is that you always have to open a new account when you want to use Binary Option Robot. The system does not work with existing accounts. Getting a free and functioning binary options robot is well worth the effort, though.

Binary Option Robot is also preparing a VIP account, which will offer you even more features to manage you investments. For now, we have to wait and see which features this will be. By clicking the link to Binary Option Robot website, you can check for any new developments which might have happened since this post was written.

Binary Option Robot – Review
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