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BinaryOptionRobot Open Account - LogoTo open a free account with BinaryOptionRobot, there are a few things you need to know. We show how you can get your free account and start your career with a this absolutely fantastic free robot.

BinaryOptionRobot Open Account – how to get a free account

Getting a free account with BinaryOptionRobot is not that complicated – if you know how to do it. The genius trick with this system is that BinaryOptionRobot is free for you because your broker will pay your fee. Because of this system, getting an account with BinaryOptionRobot differs from the process other robots use.

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As with all robots, the first step to getting an account with BinaryOptionRobot is filling out a short form on their website. This form only requires very basic information such as your name and your email. Submit the form, and you are almost done.

Now you only need to open an account with one of BinaryOptionRobot’s partner brokers. With this step, you select the broker that will pay your registration fee with BinaryOptionRobot.

BinaryOptionRobot displays a list of all available brokers after you have submitted the sign-up form. BinaryOptionRobot’s list offers the best brokers in the market. You can confidently choose any broker.

If you are in doubt, we recommend you pick Banc De Binary. Banc De Binary is one of the most popular brokers in the market, offering a full service with perfect customer support. Especially new traders can profit from having such a professional partner.


Select the broker you want and complete the sign up process. Once you deposit money with your new broker, your sign up process is complete and your broker will pay the fee for your robot.

Make sure to use BinaryOptionRobot’s link to get to your broker. Do not google the broker or access their website manually. Without BinaryOptionRobot’s link, your broker can’t trace you back to BinaryOptionRobot and does not know who to reward for your service.

Which different accounts does BinaryOptionRobot offer?

Aside from their regular account, BinaryOptionRobot also offers a VIP account. The VIP account offers one additional tool to manage your robots performance: it allows you to choose signals from four different risk level.

While the standard account already allows you to manage your investment per trade, to reverse BinaryOptionRobot’s signals, and to define a stop loss, the addition of four different risk levels is a major tool to improve your risk management.

The VIP account is also free. To get the VIP account, you have to refer a new customer to BinaryOptionRobot. Then your account will be upgraded to the VIP status for two months. By referring more than one customer in two months, you can extend your VIP status to four months, six months, and so on.

The VIP account is a relatively new feature of BinaryOptionRobot. Therefore, it is still to early to evaluate how the different risk levels will impact your results. If you want to try it for yourself, the free service is by far the easiest way to get a premium robot.

Users of the BinaryOptionRobot regular account automatically trade all of their signals, regardless of the risk category they are in.

BinaryOptionRobot Open Account
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