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BinaryOptionRobot Trading - LogoWith the BinaryOptionRobot trading system, you can revolutionize your trading. To show you the impact using a robot for your automated trading can have, we have create your schedule for two example trading days – one with BinaryOptionRobot and one without. Decide for yourself which you like better.

BinaryOptionRobot trading – compare trading with and without the robot

Trading by using a robot differs fundamentally from trading yourself. Your daily schedule will look fundamentally different, and the amount of time that you have to sacrifice to your trading will differ greatly. Judge for yourself.

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A typical day with BinaryOptionRobot:

7:00 AM: As you start your day, you take in a comfortable breakfast while enjoying your favorite music. Far from you, BinaryOptionRobot’s experts start analyzing the market for you and come up with their first predictions.

9:00 AM: While you are getting settled in at work, BinaryOptionRobot’s expert started trading on your behalf. Your first trade is underway, and you had to do nothing.

11.00 AM: BinaryOptionRobot’s expert are working for you. They find their third trading opportunity of the day and, as with the two opportunities before, invest according your predefined settings.

12.00 PM: Lunch break. While BinaryOptionRobot’s expert continue to work for you, you are free to do anything you want. Today you decide to join your colleagues for lunch and get to know your boss a little better. Maybe that can help with the upcoming promotion.

1.00 PM: As you return from your launch break relaxed and well-rested, BinaryOptionRobot finds another trading opportunity and invests completely independently. Meanwhile, your return to work at full capacity.

5.00 PM: As you finish your relaxed and productive workday, you feel comfortable and satisfied. Meanwhile, BinaryOptionRobot has found two more trading opportunities and invested on your behalf.

7.00 PM: After you returned home, you enjoyed dinner with your girlfriend. Now you are settling in for a quite evening together. As you get comfortable on the couch, you spend less than two minutes checking BinaryOptionRobot’s daily results and adjusting your investment per trade. After that, you are free to focus on the fun things in life again.BinaryOptionRobot Trading - Logo

A typical day without BinaryOptionRobot:

7:00 AM: Having to do all the market analysis yourself, your days without BinaryOptionRobot starts with a short breakfast. As you quickly down some cereal, you scan the daily paper for some hints on what to invest in. Since your analysis is time pressed, it is much less thorough than what BinaryOptionRobot’s experts have done. You have sacrificed your entire morning, and you are already one step behind.

9:00 AM: As you arrive at work, you immediately set up your trading sites. Of course, this means that you have to neglect your work, but what else are you supposed to do? You know that your boss is already getting mad at your sinking efficiency, so you hang low.

11.00 AM: Your are trying your best to combine working with trading, but there simply is not enough time. You miss a few trading opportunities before you finally get your first chance to invest this day.

12.00 PM: While your colleagues go out to eat and put themselves in a good position with your boss, you need to use the free time to catch up on your trading. You are in hurry-up mode, having to invest on a couple of mediocre signals to get a few trades in at all. The emotional unrest hurts your winning percentage significantly.

1.00 PM: With your quick trading cycle over, you return to work stressed and barely fed. Feeling your boss’s watchful eyes over your next, you have to stop trading.

5.00 PM: Because you spent half of the morning trading, you have spent the afternoon in catch-up mode. The approaching deadline on the company’s big project weighs heavy on you. To not fall behind, you have to work an extra hour overtime.

7.00 PM: You arrive at home one hour late. Your girlfriend already ate and is upset. Instead of having time for her, you make a quick pizza and get back trading. In a futile attempt to make up for a lost afternoon of trading, you stress out completely. When you finally get to bed, your girlfriend is already asleep. You, however, are still so stressed that you won’t close an eye for hours to come.


Of course, these are two extreme examples, but they show how much easier your life can be by using a robot for your trading. If you plan to try a robot, starting with BinaryOptionRobot, the only free robot in the market, is a good way to test robots with the least risk possible.

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