bor-logoWith BinaryOptionRobot, your broker pays for your robot. For you, the entire service is 100 percent free. Aside from this unbeatable pricing model, BinaryOptionRobot offers plenty of tools to manage your robot’s performance, support for 22 language, and the easiest set up and handling you will find with any robot.

The BinaryOptionRobot review


When a robot is free, it is difficult to start a review anywhere else. Where some robots charge hundreds of Dollars, BinaryOptionRobot allows you to service completely free.

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Try the only 100% free robot on the market - BinaryOptionRobot.

All you have to do to get access to BinaryOptionRobot is sign up with one of their partner brokers. When you complete your registration process with one of these brokers, the broker will pay BinaryOptionRobot a fee that covers the cost of your robot. It is impossible to get the robot any way else – you can’t simply pay the fee.

With this system, you get a free robot – but that does not imply that the robot is worse less than other, more expensive robots. BinaryOptionRobot has simply found a way to let someone else pay the bill for you. Therefore, BinaryOptionRobot has the same resources as other binary option robots and can employ the same market analysis.

The biggest advantage of BinaryOptionRobot’s pricing model is that it allows you to use their service almost risk free. Take the free robot and try it with little money and a low investment per trade. If you like the results, great. If you don’t like the results, at least you did not invest a lot of money into a robot.

This system is much more trader friendly than the classic system. With other robots, traders have to trade their way to some money before they can afford the robot, thereby creating a paradox: to be able to let someone else trade for you, you first have to spend years mastering trading up to a point where you don’t need anybody else to trade for you. That makes no sense.

BinaryOptionRobot allows every trader to skip the learning process and let professional traders trade for them. Since this offer is completely free, there is little risk involved, and you can quit the service at any time.


Trading with BinaryOptionRobot

Aside from the unbeatable price, BinaryOptionRobot has another big advantage: it allows you to manage your robot’s performance in more detail than most other robots. In theory, you could let BinaryOptionRobot trade for you for years, but you can also manage your robot and make significant changes to its performance at any time.

BinaryOptionRobot enables you to control your trading in three ways. With the VIP package, which is also free, you get another control option. In detail, BinaryOptionRobot’s control tools are:

Stop loss

The stop loss tool allows you to stop trading after a specified number of losing trades – an especially useful feature to people who either invest a lot per trade or want to adjust their investment amount regularly.

Reverse trading

With inverse trading, you can do the exact opposite of what BinaryOptionRobot predicts. When they predicts rising prices and inverse trading is enabled, it will invest in falling prices, and vice versa. To us, this feature makes little sense, and we recommend to keep it switched off.

Investment per trade

Define how much you want BinaryOptionRobot to invest with every single trade. You should revisit this feature as your account balance changes. After a winning streak, you can increase your investment. After a losing streak, you should reduce your investment.

Risk level

With their VIP package, BinaryOptionRobot allows you to select which of their four available risk levels, from low risk to high risk, you want to use. This feature is still pretty new and it is too early to tell which level works best.

Other features

22 languages

BinaryOptionRobot has solved another problems with robots: up to now, most robots were only available in English. BinaryOptionRobot, in contrast, offer their service in 22 languages from all over the world, thereby allowing every trader to find a language they’re fluent in.

A robot in your native language is a great asset. It can help you reduce mistakes and make the right decision every time.

24-hour customer support

BinaryOptionRobot offers a 24-hour customer support via live chat. If you have a problem, do not hesitate to ask one of the experts for help.

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Try the only 100% free robot on the market - BinaryOptionRobot.


The sign-up process with BinaryOptionRobot is quick and easy. All you need to do is submit the short registration form on their website and then sign up with one of the brokers from BinaryOptionRobot ‘s list of partner brokers. After you have deposited money with your broker, your subscription process is complete. You can manage the entire process from your BinaryOptionRobot broker center, which makes the registration as simple as possible.

After you have opened an account, you can easily manage BinaryOptionRobot through their website. Click on the “more settings” button next to your broker, and you can adjust all the details that we mentioned above. Once you are happy with your settings, click on “auto trade” and your robot will start trading for you.

You can also open accounts with more than one broker, which allows you to trade multiple strategies simultaneously and tailor your strategy to each broker’s strengths.


In addition to BinaryOptionRobot’s unbeatable price, the robot’s handling and trading process could not be easier. Due to the close partnership with a fixed selection of partner brokers, they never encounters technical difficulties and the entire process is as quick and easy as possible. If you want a free robot with a simple setup, you can’t go wrong with BinaryOptionRobot.

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